The Lords prayer Forgive those as you wish to be forgiven

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Just a thought, something to think about. or dont.

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Dear Newsmax Reader,
If this weren’t so critical it might just be funny.
Have you seen this… or heard about it?
OK, so now the big outcry from the left is to abolish ICE — Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
What next — take out the entire Constitution?
Can’t you just see it now…
ICE gets abolished and our borders turn into a complete free-for-all.
Truly… now we’ve heard it all.
Yeah, let’s take out ICE officials so we have completely open borders…
No controls, no restraints, just glorious streams of heaven knows what and who flooding in.
Criminals, drug cartels, rapists, murderers…
Hey… we get it.
Open borders mean the lunatic left can openly embrace everyone…
Run on platforms that preach “we accept everyone”…
Mmmm-hmmm… as long as illegals get to vote.
The real truth?
This is the handiwork of the Deep State — America’s shadow government hard at work.
Now you may wonder…
How do we know this and how can we be so sure?
Ha! Easy one.
Have you claimed your FREE BOOK yet — your copy of Dr. Jerome Corsi’s NEW bestseller, Killing the Deep State?
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Remember Obama’s relentless push for a new world order… the globalist world… the end of U.S. sovereignty?
Don’t kid yourself…
It’s all part of the Deep State’s diabolical initiatives — and the fundamental transformation of America.
There’s a guy…
Tom Perez. Ever hear of him?
He’s the DNC chairman — yeah, the former labor secretary.
When you get your FREE BOOK, Killing the Deep State, do us a favor…
Turn immediately to page 53.
We guarantee you’ll be shocked to see who this guy is… his appalling past… and…
His blood ties to none other than…
A radical open borders group.
Now hold on, because that’s not even the half of it.
Wait until you turn to page 54 and see WHO Perez is closely tied to…
It ALL fits together.
This sudden movement to take ICE out…
Even the socialist who won the primary in New York — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Look… this Democrat socialist is pushing to abolish ICE, too. And…
Do you see it? It’s hard not to…
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to have come out of nowhere. Sound familiar?
Who else came out of nowhere to fundamentally change America?
And who put Obama in place? One of the most powerful men hiding behind the Deep State curtain.
Listen… it’s all in your FREE COPY of Dr. Corsi’s Killing the Deep State — a New York Times bestseller. Claim your FREE COPY right here.
We promise this book will spell out everything
Truly, this is one of the most shocking exposés on the Deep State.
Know what else?
This blockbuster book is so detailed… so unbridled… so blunt… and so honest…
We can’t believe there’s not a bounty on someone’s head.
Or is there?
Get your FREE copy of this $29.95 runaway bestseller now… click here.
We reserved one in your name, so hurry…
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Your Friends at Newsmax

Putin Goes ‘Off-Script’, Slams ‘Forces’ in the USA Undermining Russia Re...

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2018 IS STRANGE Part 9 - JULY

Gepubliceerd op 21 jul. 2018

EMERGENCY Call To Prayer For Minister Paul And His Family! Calling ALL P...

Gepubliceerd op 21 jul. 2018

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Today's headlines:

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Flickering sun predictive programming

Gepubliceerd op 21 jul. 2018

Flickering sun original video
flickering sun explanation video

Bekende Duitse blogger roept op tot vorming verzetsgroepen tegen regering Merkel

Leider Vlaams Belang België: Burgeroorlog dichterbij dan we denken
 Het nieuwe normaal: Chaos en geweld door migranten in Frankrijk tijdens de ‘viering’ van het winnen van het WK voetbal. (Afbeelding: Getty Images (3).
De bekende Duitse blogger Michael Mannheimer heeft op zijn site soldaten, agenten en burgers opgeroepen om massaal en gezamenlijk in verzet te komen tegen de regering van bondskanselier Angela Merkel, voordat de massa immigratie en islamisering over enkele jaren helemaal niets meer hebben overgelaten van Duitsland. In buurland België heeft de leider van het Vlaams Belang, Filip de Winter, gewaarschuwd dat een burgeroorlog tussen de autochtone bevolking en moslimmigranten dichterbij is dan de mensen denken.

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Het lekkere weer kan de doodsteek worden voor deze dieren - RTL NIEUWS

Gepubliceerd op 20 jul. 2018

De warmte houdt al een aantal weken aan en daar lijkt voorlopig nog geen verandering in te komen. De komende dagen wordt er zelfs een hittegolf verwacht. Zon, zon en nog meer zon. Die droogte is voor dieren gevaarlijk. Beekjes drogen op en voedsel wordt steeds schaarser. Vooral jonge dieren redden het misschien niet.

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UFOs at ECETI 6th of July 2018

Gepubliceerd op 19 jul. 2018

UFOs at ECETI 6th of July 2018 filmed by Peter Maxwell Slattery.

For more go to

Strange rotating Vortex Cloud with sphere UFO reported in IRAQ !!! May 2018

Gepubliceerd op 21 mei 2018

May 2018 - Iraq, Dahuk area. Amazing video shows strange rotating vortex cloud with red sphere UFO near the mountains... Click here to read the complete article :

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Huge UFO over JERUSALEM !!! May 2018

Gepubliceerd op 17 mei 2018

May 2018 - Israel, Jerusalem. Amazing video shows huge UFO over the Holy Land... Click here to read the complete article :

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ПОДБОРКА НЛО 2018 - 2017

Gepubliceerd op 21 jul. 2018

ПОДБОРКА НЛО 2018 - 2017 все про нло и пришельцев

Endzeit-TV LIVE [56] ➤ Die Außerirdischen der Endzeit | Das Haus in Sinear

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