Moshe's Evening News Update from Israel , July 17, 2017

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channel broadcasts from Israel in the Galilee. Moshe the speaker is a
member of the tribe of Levi. This channel does not ascribe to the
teachings of the world's church systems. This can be thought of as a
lone voice teaching straight from the bible. This channel is going to
grievously disagree with any of these churches in denominations,
churches with buildings, ordained pastors, seminary trained leaders,
people selling for gain books and DVD's making merchandise of God's
people etc. Everything shown will be found in your bible, scripture
quotes given. This is not a church or a congregation of any sort, just a
youtube channel sending forth teachings out of the Galilee from this
If you have benefited from this work I am sending forth
from Israel, would like to see the work continuing and wish others to
benefit, consider contributing a free will offering. You can be a
partaker in getting this work out to others. The Lord YHVH and his son
Yeshua HaMashiach my references, do check with them.
We accept
offering through Moneygram and Western Union. Being in Israel many
fundraisers do not want you and Paypal only let's you accept funds from
inside Israel. Best we can come up with at this time. Send an email and I
will send instructions. Thanks.

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