Gepubliceerd op 11 jun. 2018

Pastor Andrew Russell preaches on Acts 17:16-34. For several centuries, Athens had been the most important city in the world. But it had lost its political power. When Paul was alive, Rome had become more important. But Athens was still the most important city for culture and art. Many people came there to teach about religion. And many people came there to learn about religion. They also discussed different ideas about life’s meaning. But there were idols everywhere. They were images whose shape was like false gods. People made them from stone and metal. While Paul waited for Silas and Timothy, he continued to preach. Again, he went to the synagogue first. But he also went to the busy centre of the city. He talked to the people there too. 450 years before, the famous Greek teacher Socrates had done that too. Paul knew that the people in Athens liked to discuss new ideas in public. So, that was the best way to tell them about Jesus.

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